About us

RULEBREAKER is a company that sees new opportunities. We take them to change markets, so that Austria, Europe and our western world becomes a better place. We don´t play under the given market rules. We are different and we are going to show it to everybody, especially to those, who underestimates us. Every market we are interested to enter – we are going to enter. 

Our first Move:

Our first move is changing the fashion industry. Instead of fast fashion we are going the way of slow fashion. 

WHY are we doing that?

In our view it is not acceptable to exploit people in 3rd world countries. In fact it´s quite easy to be upset about the current practices, but it is neither an improvement nor a solution. We don´t want to be part of that, so that we started to build up our own brand. It is called GIPFL and is an Austrian- and Swiss German term, which means “top of a mountain”.  Our slogan for GIPFL is RULEBREAKER, because our company name also represents our values and is strongly connected with everything we are doing.

Our GIPFL standards:

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  • Designed in Austria
  • Made in EU
  • Paying fair prices to producer
  • No child labour
  • High quality products

By the way, we have realized that many people are unhappy about what they have just bought, because the variety was too big. We stay our range small to medium, so that you are totally happy with your choice.


It´s time to change the fashion world

be part of it with GIPFL – RULEBREAKER


Our Mission:

We DREAM of a new innovative way of leading a company, while taking care about social problemes in our western society.

We PERFORM with ideas, accept other views, do not take part of any political way or party and realize our ideas into realistic and useful projects.

Together we CHANGE much, so that we and our next gernerations ENJOY life much more.


WHY becoming part of our RULEBREAKER-MOVEMENT?

To give us the power to change together misleaded ways of our society. Of course that takes trust into us, but we won´t disappoint you. 

We don´t want to count up everything that goes wrong in our society. We bring up ideas to solve those issues. We don´t attack people or other groups for their way of thinking. We try to go our own way and invite everybody to go it with us. Going this way needs people, who want to change something – nevermind, if you just like our way, want to support it or actively help us.

Benefits & important points of beeing RULEBREAKER-MOVEMENT member

 Access to exclusive products & services

First of all we have a gift for our members. It is our GIPFL – RULEBREAKER t-shirt, which should give you the power in your daily life to change stuff positively. Another point is the forum, which is only available for members to chat about all kind of topics. In the forum you have the possibility to actively bring up your own ideas to improve our society and life. If we realize an idea of one of our members or a group of members – we also will communicate it, who brought up this idea. 


A Membership stays 12 months. There is no automatically extending. You are able to decide after one year, if you want to rebuy a membership.

Payment and what we do with the money

One time payment. 100,08 Euros (onehundret euros and eight cents) costs the membership. 83,40€ are going to RULEBREAKER and 16,68€ are taxes. 41,70€ will be used for projects to improve our world. The other 41,70€ will cover the costs for producing the GIPFL – RULEBREAKER t-shirt, sending it to your home adress and creating input for our webpage. We also let our members know, what we have done with the money we got from memberships.

For more information contact us on Facebook or write us an e-mail